The Warmth of Wood Heat Is Here

September 27, 2011

The wood stove that I was looking forward to last week wasn’t completely installed until this week, but it is in!

While we have been waiting for the stove, Erik has been the great wood chopper.  Here you can see the fruits of his labor.

We still need to get more wood, but we really don’t have any idea how much we will go through this winter.  The stove is supposed to be very efficient.  We’re still not sure it will sufficiently heat the whole house.  There is always the kerosene heater and some electric heaters if the wood stove is not enough.

I’m excited to try the wood heat.  I have fond memories of snuggling up to the wood stove in West Virginia reading Little Women.  I just got a couple of books to snuggle up with this winter.  This is what is out on our coffee table right now.



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