New (or rather current) Technolgies

September 28, 2011

So I have been debating with myself whether or not to get an iPhone. I am guessing many people out there are making the same consideration. Should they get the iPhone or a blackberry or whatever other smart phones there are out there these days.

Well, for me I would say it’s a bit of a different debate. You see, Erik and I kind of live in the stone age. We do not own a cell phone (although Erik does have one for work), we do not have internet at our house, we don’t even have a method of getting broadcast television. We do own a TV.  It’s not like we’ve plastered “Kill Your Television” bumper stickers all over our classic cars. We borrow movies, and sometimes TV shows, from the library.  No, we are not even using Netflix.

And it’s not they we are some kind of naturalistic earth only people who repel any modern invention. We do have plumbing and electricity. We have had a cell phone in the past, but we didn’t get reception at our old house. We’ve never paid for Broadcast TV, but we have gotten channels in the past. For a while we even got free cable by accident.

But from our current situation it would be a huge leap to A) have a cellphone and B) have internet access anywhere.  Not to mention all the other “apps” that can be used with the iPhone.  Do I really need all of this?  I have gotten by just fine over the last few years with none of this.  Sure there are times when a cellphone would have made things more convenient, but I always manged to get by just fine.

And with all these luxuries (that I have easily lived without) comes a pretty big price tag.  I feel certain that I could easily cover  the expenses for an iPhone.  But I am pretty cheap.  I hate shopping and spending money.  Can I justify paying for such luxuries?

Internet, cellphone, Broadcast TV may be staples in most people’s lives, but they are all fairly expensive luxuries to me.

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