I’m assuming you crocheted a ball and stuck the pikachu on top

December 30, 2014

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replica bags china You could maybe crochet a “pot” of the dirt color so you can crochet in the flat part, and then just stick that whole thing in the terra cotta pot.I’m assuming you crocheted a ball and stuck the pikachu on top to put in the pot? You could probably start the same way and ignore “shaping” it into a pot. To do the flat dirt part, you basically just crochet a ball halfway up, and then crochet a round in the front loops only and then finish off. Then you go into the back loops that are left inside the lip and start crocheting around in those and continue and decrease like you normally would in the round.Not trying to critique your work here, it looks fabulous! Hopefully what I said made sense, and it’s useful to you haha. replica bags china

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